The billing department at LifeCare is committed to prompt and efficient claims processing and friendly, courteous customer service.  Our billing and collections specialists include certified EMS providers who understand the EMS industry and the medical necessity requirements for claims submissions.  Our billing staff promotes a positive and professional relationship with patients, healthcare facilities, and responsible parties.

Ambulance Transportation

LifeCare Medical Transports will gladly submit your transport claim to your insurance plan.  Since each insurance plan has different coverage guidelines, we cannot assure or guarantee coverage for any services provided.  However, we do recommend that you contact your insurance carrier for eligibility and coverage guidelines.

Our dedicated staff of billing associates is happy to assist you or answer any questions about billing of your transport claim.  Feel free to contact our billing department at 888-918-6337 for assistance.  Additionally, the following web sites may offer useful information regarding ambulance transportation guidelines:

Wheelchair Van Transportation

LifeCare offers limited wheelchair van transportation services in Fredericksburg & Roanoke.

Medicare does not cover wheelchair transportation under any circumstances. Medicaid may cover wheelchair van transportation based on a patient’s eligibility, however, pre-authorization must be obtained thru Logisticare prior to services being rendered.  Logisticare can be contacted at 866-679-6330 for Medicaid transportation authorization.

Since most insurance companies do not cover wheelchair van transportation, we require a secured form of payment (check or credit card) at the time of transport for services to be rendered.  Please contact our billing office at 888-918-6337 for assistance or obtaining a quote for wheelchair van services.

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